Jon Stewart Slams Rick Sanchez' Chile Quake Coverage: 'CNN: The Most Trusted Name In Over-Caffeinated Control Freaks' (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Jon Stewart made some incisive observations about CNN Host Rick Sanchez' recent coverage of the Chilean earthquake: "I just realized something. Rick Sanchez delivers the news like a guy at a party who's doing a lot of coke and traps you in a corner and explans REALLY INTENSELY how an ant is the strongest animal on earth."

Sanchez is known for getting a bit extreme in his coverage -- he's done one show where he explored the effects of getting tasered and another where he experienced what it feels like to be trapped in a sinking car (VIDEOS) -- but his energetic approach felt off for the Chilean earthquake. At one point in Sanchez' fevered quake coverage, he tried to find Hawaii on a map -- only to accidentally point to the Galapagos Islands.

"See that's the thing about news in a disaster." Stewart reflected. "You need the information fast and inaccurate."

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