Jon Stewart Spoofs Anthony Bologna, Pepper-Spraying Wall Street Cop, With Christopher Meloni (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes On Pepper-Spraying Cop At Wall Street Protest

Jon Stewart took a break from his "Indecision 2012" coverage Thursday night to focus on a local problem currently grabbing the nation's attention: the ongoing NYC protest known as Occupy Wall Street.

But it wasn't the spirit of the young people organizing for democracy or even Michael Moore's drop-in that caught Stewart's attention the most. Instead it was the actions of one pepper-spray happy NYPD cop, Anthony Bologna (or, to Stewart, "Tony Baloney").

After a video emerged online of the officer indiscriminately emitting pepper spray in the faces of five female observers who were already standing behind a barricade, people demanded to know who this "human crop duster" was. After it was revealed to be Bologna, a Deputy Inspector for the NYPD, Stewart couldn't take the man's name, or his unacceptable behavior, seriously.

So, instead of chastising Bologna, Stewart did the out-of-control cop one better. He brought in ex-"Law & Order SVU" star Christopher Meloni to impersonate Bologna and his rogue, pepper-spraying ways in what's sure to be the next hit TV crime drama, "The Vigilogna."


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