Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Expose More Super PAC Loopholes Without 'Coordinating' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart, Colbert Expose Huge 'Loopchasms' In FEC Law

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's grand experiment in using satire as a political weapon continued Tuesday night on "The Daily Show," when the "Colbert Report" host dropped by to "not coordinate" with Stewart on how his Super PAC money is being spent.

Stewart already released two attack ads on Colbert's behalf ahead of the South Carolina primary, one painting Mitt Romney as a serial killer and another suggesting that a vote for Colbert is a vote for Herman Cain. But that doesn't mean he hasn't been confused about how he should spend the rest of the money. So on last night's show, Colbert came by to remind him of some of the giant "loopchasms" in the FEC laws protecting the Super PAC that they can exploit with vigor.

First, Colbert reminded Stewart of what he realized on Monday night's "Daily Show," that he can comment on what he wants the PAC to do as long as he says it publicly, as a citizen, on television. If Stewart is watching and abides, that doesn't count as "coordination."

So, Colbert did the only logical thing: he pulled out a cardboard TV set, stuck himself inside and started doing the "Report" right there at Stewart's desk:

"Nation, I am calling on the Super PAC," Colbert said to no one in particular, "Not to run vicious character assassination ads that impune and borderline slander any candidate -- if in any way those ads can be traced back to me."

Think that's not coordinating? Then you'll love the next two FEC loopchasms Stewart and Colbert exposed last night. First, they figured out that they can call Stewart's Super PAC lawyer and Colbert's exploratory committee lawyer at the same time (it helps that they are the same person, Trevor Potter) and even though their conversation is obviously about the PAC, Potter can confirm that they're not coordinating as long as Colbert doesn't give concrete instructions.

"Still can't believe that's legal," Stewart said in disbelief.

Watch the full segment above and hear about the third, even more unbelievable fact regarding PAC spending. Let's just say that even if they did get accused of coordinating, neither Stewart nor Colbert would have to worry about who's going to pay the fines (and no, they won't be going to "The Big House").

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