Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Unite In Song With Urgent Last-Minute Election Message

Get out there and vote.

Election Day is here... or as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert sang on Monday night’s live edition of the “Late Show” on CBS, “Now is the time!”

In the space of 11 minutes, the comedians ― joined by Javier Munoz of “Hamilton” and one adorable little street urchin ― managed to sort through all the conflicted feelings of the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Do we have to vote even if we don’t like the choice? Can we sit this one out?

Not this time ― not with Trump running for president.

He’s endorsed by David Duke!” Stewart sang. “His tiny hands might get a nuke!”

See the full musical spectacular above ― then be sure to get out and vote if you haven’t done so already.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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