Jon Stewart Takes Down Pundits For Pivoting On Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney is probably the candidate most accused of flip-flopping in this election, so it's sort of fitting that the media circuit who spent so much time pointing out why he'd be an unfit GOP candidate now has to rally behind him.

On Thursday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took a minute to check in on how the TV pundits are faring now that the GOP primaries are more or less over. With no new Herman Cain ads or shocking Santorum statements to work with, they've had to do a little flip-flopping of their own in order to talk about Romney in a favorable light.

Now, Stewart was fine with the apparent change in opinion as long as it came from someplace genuine:

I'll give Dick Morris the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he spent some time with Mr. Romney and has learned about his positions, has had an epiphany -- a conversion, if you will -- based on principle. And I will continue to believe that until or unless I am presented with evidence that this was, in fact, a cynical, opportunistic, and utterly without-foundation conversion based solely on slightly easing Dick Morris' already-disingenuous, partisan salesmanship job.

Suffice it to say, Jon set himself up to be disappointed.

Watch the full clip above and then let us know what you think in the comments.