Jon Stewart Takes On Goldman Sachs Fraud Case (VIDEO)

After some obligatory jabs at Jim Cramer last night, Jon Stewart took some time to break down the recent Goldman Sachs fraud case, in which in which the bank purposely sold mortgages designed to fail, hoping to cash in on the insurance. The segment was aptly named "The F--king Guys," a line Stewart couldn't help but use as the only reasonable explanation for their ridiculous behavior.

Stewart noted that not only was Goldman Sachs purposely misleading investors, but was handing out over 5 billion dollars in bonuses, prompting him to ask if that was being given to their "fraud division."

He then went on to add that it comes just months after banks paid out 16 billion dollars in bonuses. Asked Stewart: "Do you give that bonus to the bonus in January, so that those other bonuses don't get lonely?"