Jon Stewart Takes On McCain And His "Worthless" Soul (VIDEO)

As Jon Stewart pointed out last night, McCain has a track record of backtracking - like his stances on DADT and tolerance - for political gain. It's well documented territory for Stewart. A topic he's often covered with ease.

But when McCain recently stated that he was not a "maverick," Stewart was thrown. This was such a flip-flop that he didn't even need to throw to an obligatory montage of McCain repeatedly calling himself a maverick. How rooted was the word on McCain's persona? Here are the analogies Stewart tossed out:

-It'd be like Rudy Giuliani coming out and saying "I never mentioned 9/11"

-It's like 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' saying, "I never believed I was butter."

Stewart acknowledged that McCain may now have a hard time selling his soul, as this move may have made its currency "utterly worthless." But with that logic came a revelation, in which he aptly compared his devalued soul to bailed-out bank.

"McCain is shorting his own soul...He's driving down the price of his own soul by completely stripping it of its pride, its backbone, its integrity - all of its tangible assets - all the while knowing the value of his soul will soon plummet. Then, in a backdoor move, buys soul default swaps on the back end, makes a fortune and then picks his soul back up for a song when it hits bottom. And you know the worst part? Come election time, he's still get his tax-payer bailout and get re-elected. You know why? Because John McCain is too big to fail."