Jon Stewart Returns To Air, Skewers Underwear Bomber, Airline Security (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart returned from holiday break last night and didn't miss a beat. Gift-wrapped for him was the Underwear Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and the lack of measures taken by national security.

After mocking Abdulmutallab himself, saying, "even if the bomb works, there's going to be 72 very disappointed virgins," Stewart focused on the ineptitude of the nation's security apparatus. Stewart acknowledged that he "too has a tendency to ignore messages from Nigerian bankers who wish to help me," but that there was no excuse for letting Abdulmutallab board the plane.

Stewart broke it down: In addition to the intelligence we already had on him, he bought a one-way ticket costing nearly 3K (paid in cash) and checked no bags. "Is he going to Detroit to start a better life?"

He went on to compare him to the shoe bomber, who also flew from Europe with no bags, and an explosive hidden in his clothing, saying that he doesn't expect security "to catch everything, but we do expect you to catch the EXACT same thing."

Flabbergasted by the fact that the only people trying to stop Abdulmutallab were passengers, he added:

"So in 8 years, we've had two wars to overthrow terrorist supporting regimes, trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, and our best defense against terrorism continues to be "alert passenger tackles guy trying to light his d**k."


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