Jon Stewart Defends Illinois Tax Hike, Rips Ridiculous State Budget Cutting Ideas (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Ridiculous State Budget Cutting Ideas

Taking a break from the national budget crisis, Jon Stewart used a segment of "The Daily Show" this week to discuss some local budget woes.

In the segment, titled "Main St. Anytown U.S.A.," Stewart pointed to several states that are going to extreme measures to close their budget gaps. He mentioned the firing of police officers in Camden, New Jersey; Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's pitch to cut healthcare for the poor and a Texas proposal to eliminate the senior year of high school.

After mentioning a series of seemingly ridiculous budget cut ideas, he got to the most outlandish measure of all.

"Of course not every state has a great common sense solution," Stewart said, after discussing New York's idea to bring Ultimate Fighting back to the state. "Some of the ideas to close the budget deficit are a little out there."

He then shares the shocking solution that Illinois had for its $15 billion deficit: a tax increase.

"Why should we have to pay for the things we want done for us?!" Stewart asks sardonically.

(Hat tip to Rich Miller of The Capitol Fax blog)

WATCH the segment here:

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