Jon Stewart Finds The Tea Party's 'New Host'

Take That, Tea Party!

Did the tea party really lose this week's primaries to mainstream GOP candidates? Jon Stewart doesn't seem to think so.

When Mitch McConnell defeated tea party challenger Matt Bevin, the establishment crowed, but on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart wondered just how "establishment" that establishment really was these days.

"Mitch McConnell, the ultimate mainstream establishment Republican, handily defeating the tea party extremist, once more keeping our government out of the hands of crazies who say things like, 'President Obama's destroying the Constitution,'" Stewart said... then played a clip of McConnell saying just that.

Stewart then went through a series of clips that show McConnell acting every bit as extreme as a tea party candidate.

"Take that, tea party!" Stewart said sarcastically. "Doesn't seem like the tea party lost so much as found a new host."

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