Jon Stewart DESTROYS Texas GOP Over Gay Conversion Therapy

While most of the nation is marching forward on gay rights and marriage equality, Texas is taking a bold step in the other direction. As Jon Stewart pointed out on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," the state's Republicans recently endorsed gay conversion therapy.

One backer claimed it's not a way to "get the gay out." Instead, they're trying to "bring out the heterosexuality."

"But that's the thing they don't have in them," Stewart pointed out. "It's like giving a woman a C-section who's not pregnant. You won't find what you're looking for, but you will leave a scar."

One of the techniques used in these conversion therapies include ordering gay men to carry around a jar of feces and sniffing it when they feel attracted to a man.

But Stewart has a better idea for that jar and who should be using it.

Watch the clip above (all the way to the end) to find out.



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