Jon Stewart Was On 'The Nanny' Once, Obviously Played A Jewish Doctor (VIDEO)

Fran Drescher's character on the '90s sitcom "The Nanny" was always searching for the man of her dreams, ideally a rich Jewish doctor. Enter Jon Stewart, pre-"Daily Show" fame, playing Dr. Bob, owner of a red Porsche and an apartment with walk-in closets. What could go wrong?

A few reasons this glimpse into dating-as-portrayed-in-'90s-sitcoms made our day:

-Jon Stewart referring to himself as "the short Jew."
-His pickup line: "You must have really deformed adenoids."
-"Fran, I'm a doctor. I can park anywhere."
-Fran's not-so-subtle refusal to be put in the friend zone.
-Fran's inner monologue voiceover. (We just wonder what Dr. Bob's would have said.)
-Fran realizing she lies to herself about her age.
-The surprise ending that a) is not so surprising and b) means Fran is still available to one day end up with Mr. Sheffield.

Watch the video above, then tell us in the comments which '90s TV dating scene is your favorite.

[h/t Buzzfeed]



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