Jon Stewart To Bill O'Reilly: On Fox News 'You're Left-Wing' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart returned to "The O'Reilly Factor" Wednesday for a lively discussion with Bill O'Reilly.

The conversation started with the Fox News host asking Stewart if he has "Obama remorse" after having voted for him in 2008. Stewart replied that he was not remorseful, but that "I agree with the sentiment that he ran as a visionary, and he's led as a functionary."

However, he mocked O'Reilly's view that Obama has failed to connect to "the folks" such as O'Reilly himself.

"You're just making things up! When was the last time you even visited Levittown, Bill?" ("Sunday!" O'Reilly interjected.) "How long are you going to play this fable that you're 'just a guy?'"

Later, O'Reilly asked Stewart why he seemed to be less of a target for liberals than he used to be:

O'Reilly: "Isn't it interesting that a couple of years ago I was target No. 1? Now I'm like 15 on the list. ... Did I lose my edge or have I been overtaken by brighter people?"

Stewart: "I wouldn't say brighter ... You've been overtaken by a more extreme version of you. You're like Fox 1.0. You're the beta version. Fox 2.0 has jumped over you to an extent that I don't think you could ever dream of, and, frankly, I think you fear. I think deep down inside you can't believe what you've unleashed...on this network, you're left-wing."

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