Jon Stewart To Fox News: "Go F--k Yourselves" (VIDEO)

You gotta feel for Jon Stewart. Recapping the ridiculousness that is Fox News night after night has got to take a toll on the guy. Sure they provide him with seemingly endless fodder, but his critiques are justified and often leave him frustrated by their antics. Last night a fed up Stewart put it bluntly, telling the network to "go f--k yourselves."

Perhaps what frustrated him the most last night was that, as displayed in the beginning of the segment, Stewart actually agreed with Fox's pundits, who noted the dangers of generalizing groups of people based on the actions of a few (specifically the more extreme members of the Tea Party). Totally legit argument. But of course, this was followed by a compilation of examples in which Fox News pundits and personalities blatantly DID THE EXACT SAME THING.

(The "go f--k yourselves" segment of the clip below begins at 5:10, following a very funny Wyatt Cenac bit.)