Jon Stewart's Newt Gingrich Message For GOP: 'Don't Do This!' (VIDEO)

While we'll have until next year to hear what Jon Stewart thought of Thursday night's final GOP debate of 2011, he did offer some related thoughts in a new "Indecision 2012" segment on last night's "Daily Show" -- specifically about frontrunner Newt Gingrich.

With Newt 17% ahead in recent polls, it appears that the GOP has finally settled on a "white 1994 Chevy capricious," as Stewart so aptly put it, to drive them into 2012 and the Iowa Caucuses. But Stewart is none too thrilled with the party's favorite.

"I would just like to say tonight to the Republican primary voters: Don't do this!" Stewart said, insisting that while Republicans are craving another Ronald Reagan, Gingrich is more like if Reagan had been "abandoned as a child and raised by a family of cactuses."

This declaration was of course followed up with a supercut of Newt's most jaw-dropping lines from the last 15 years or so, including his insinuation that another terrorist attack on the U.S. would have been helpful in reminding us who we're up against.

But Stewart knows the GOP isn't going to listen to him, so in part two below, he goes one step further. He holds an intervention for the GOP by showing what the party's most conservative members really think of Gingrich, including Stewart's long-lost love Glenn Beck. If Republicans will listen to anyone, maybe it's him.

WATCH: Part two