Jon Stewart Slams Todd Akin, Mitt Romney For 'Media Problems' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Akin And Romney's 'Media Problems'

Tuesday night's "Daily Show" kickoff at the Republican National Convention was rocky at best for Jon Stewart and The Best F#@king News Team Ever. With Hurricane Isaac looming ever closer and constant local distractions like strip clubs and wildlife, the correspondents had trouble focusing on the issues.

And now it seems that the Romney campaign is having the same problem. Almost every juicy talking point including taxes and family have been deemed off-limits by the presidential hopeful, leaving the media in a strange position. Why ask a man who could rule the free world about the big stuff when we can discuss Todd Akin's stance on vaginas some more?

"Oh, if only that poor man had one of those magic vaginas to protect him!" Stewart joked. "He could have repelled the media!"

Watch the full segment above.

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