Jon Stewart Rips Trayvon Martin Media Coverage, George Zimmerman & Florida Law (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Trayvon Martin Media Coverage

"The Daily Show" returned from vacation Monday night to cover the big stories that occurred while they were away. While Jon Stewart tried to joke about Dick Cheney's heart transplant, he had to resist the easy set-up to tackle the outrageous circumstances of Trayvon Martin's death.

"I feel like Florida and Arizona are locked in a harms race," Stewart joked after learning that Martin's shooter George Zimmerman was walking free due to Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows people to use deadly force any time they feel threatened.

"How can this state have that law -- and Spring Break?" Stewart wondered. "It's like New York, the signs we have in the subway: 'If you see something, shoot something.'"

Stewart also took note of how the cable news networks have been handling the story, finding it particularly funny when they tried to solve the crime themselves like some C.S.I. spinoff, "C.N.I" (Cable News Investigation). He found it touching when people all over the world started wearing hoodies to show solidarity, but when all the anchors started wearing them on-air, he couldn't resist playing a round of "Jedi or Sith Lord?".

Watch Stewart's segment above, and check out the video below to see part two, where John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac take on Geraldo Rivera's shocking hoodie remark.

WATCH: Part two

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