Jon Stewart Dismantles Donald Trump’s 2-Word Defense Strategy In Epic Takedown

“The Daily Show” host tears into the former president’s claim ― and shows why the case matters.

“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart isn’t buying the claim by Donald Trump and his allies that the financial fraud he committed for years in New York was a “victimless crime.”

Stewart on Monday explained how Trump would inflate the value of his assets ― including the size of his own apartment ― to secure loans, then undervalue those same assets to cheat on his taxes.

“It was all part of a very sophisticated real estate practice known as lying,” Stewart said.

And it’s far from “victimless.”

“First, the banks got paid back at lower interest rates ― although, to be honest, who gives a shit?” he said. “But second, money isn’t infinite. A loan that goes to the liar doesn’t go to someone giving a more honest evaluation.”

He said that leads to incentives for corruption.

In addition, he pointed out that Trump’s lies on his taxes cost New York City money.

Trump received a financial lifeline on Monday when a New York court ruled that he didn’t have to pay the full $464 million bond in his fraud case while it’s under appeal, and gave him 10 days to come up with $175 million instead.

See Stewart’s full takedown of Trump’s plight from Monday night’s “Daily Show” below:

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