Jon Stewart Shows How Badly Dated The VA's Computers Are

The VA hospital scandal has led to waits so long that some veterans have literally died waiting for treatment -- and now, it's coming out that the computer system used to book their appointments is badly out of date.

"Our scheduling system scheduled its first appointment in April of 1985," Philip Matkovsky, assistant deputy under-secretary of the VA, said. "It has not changed in any appreciable manner since that date."

"Have you ever caught the movie 'The Net' on late-night cable and laughed out loud alone about how outdated the technology seems?" Jon Stewart asked on the "Daily Show" on Tuesday while playing clips of the 1995 Sandra Bullock film. "That's 10 years more advanced than what the VA's currently using!"

Stewart says the solution is obvious: "Can't we figure out some way to use that death drone NSA technology for administrative purposes at the VA?"

Check out his full report in the clip above... including those awesomely bad clips of "The Net."



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