Jon Stewart Vs. Town Hall Crazies (VIDEO)

If you're taking a break from crazy this August and refuse to watch cable news, you may have missed some town hall kerfuffles lead by the least-informed, yet loudest, sector of the Republican party. These town halls focus on explaining and answering questions about Obama's health care reform plan, but the people yelling and screaming at these events don't want answers, they want to yell and scream. The disruptions have even led to outbreaks of violence and death threats to groups participating in the events.

Of course, these folks are not acting out on their own, but getting their misinformation from leaders such as Sarah Palin who insists Obama's plan includes "death panels," and Rush Limbaugh who said that "Obama's health care logo" (which does not yet exist) looks like a swastika.

Jon Stewart took on these town hall uprisings and their leaders last night in two segments, the first focusing on the media hypocrisy over the coverage of these events, and the second mocking the "death panel" debate.


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