Jon Stewart's 'War On Christmas' Panic Takedown Begins With Palin, O'Reilly

It's never officially the Christmas season until Jon Stewart kicks off his annual debunking of "War on Christmas" panic.

This year, he was handed a few of the usual targets: Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly. Palin has a book out this year ensuring that Christmas is properly honored, so Stewart really has his work cut out for him. Between their misunderstanding of what menorahs are used for and the pagan origins of Santa Claus, the War on Christmas is off to a great start.

Above, check out Stewart's takedown of Palin, O'Reilly and their problems with perhaps the biggest critic of capitalism, and thereby Christmas: Pope Francis. Below, watch him react to Fox News' take on the "war," and how Sharia Law at a YMCA is going to undo the years of Christmas progress.

For more on the War on Christmas, be sure to check out HuffPost Comedy's original web series, "Jason & Katla's War on Christmas."



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