Jon Stewart: 'Wisconsin Union Protest Is The Bizarro Tea Party' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: 'Wisconsin Union Protest Is The Bizarro Tea Party'

"The Daily Show" returned Monday night to pick up on the Wisconsin union protests against Governor Scott Walker's controversial cost-cutting plan, leading Jon Stewart to believe that a "bizarro Tea Party" had been born.

Walker said Monday he will not back down from his plan to cut teachers union's benefits as well as their collective bargaining rights to bring down the state's $3.6 billion deficit. And while Stewart understands that Walker was elected to cut costs, his method defeats the purpose of having a union:

"That can't be right. Take away a union's collective bargaining rights? I believe that makes them just a bunch of people wearing identical T-shirts."

Stewart also had some criticism for the media's reaction to the protests, particularly the comparison made by many news outlets that Wisconsin is similar to Egypt in its uprising. Stewart disagreed wholeheartedly:

"Is it the same as people in the Middle East overthrowing years of dictatorship?" Stewart asked. "Or is that just the last story you saw on the news?"

Searching for a better analogy, Stewart looked at the media's varied reactions. MSNBC seemed to romanticize the protesters like Fox News did with the Tea Party, but Fox failed to give the Wisconsin protesters the same praise as they did with the Tea Partiers. Stewart finally realized: the Wisconsin protesters are an alternate-universe Tea Party, right down to the "three cornered hats":

"Do you see what's happening here?! The Wisconsin union protest is the bizarro Tea Party! Yes! You've all seen that episode of 'Super Man'."


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