Jon Stewart & Wyatt Cenac Take On Rick Perry N-Word Controversy (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart and senior correspondent Wyatt Cenac spent a good chunk of Monday night's "Daily Show" mocking Rick Perry, but not for the usual reasons. Aside from his execution record and scattered debate performances, Stewart found new material in a recent story about the Texas Governor on the front page of The Washington Post.

It turns out that Perry's family hunting camp had a racially insensitive name written on a rock at its entrance for years, despite Perry's claims that it was painted over immediately after it came into his family's possession.

After pondering about why we are just finding this out about Perry now (and getting a kick out of an uncomfortable "Fox News Sunday" host discussing the scandal with Herman Cain) Stewart turned to Wyatt Cenac for his response as well as a fascinating look at the other questionably named places in the United States. There are over 100 places called "N*ggerhead," the former name of Perry's ranch, in the U.S. alone! And that's not counting the other town, lakes and mountains given racist monikers, many of which Cenac reveals in part two.

"There aren't enough black people making maps," Cenac lamented.

Watch both parts below and try coming out NOT thinking Rand McNally was kind of a racist.

: Part one

WATCH: Part two