Jon Stewart's Senior Yearbook Photo A Testament To 80s Feathering

PHOTO: Guess Who's Senior Photo

Celebrated political satirists who keep us sane by poking holes in the veil the mainstream media is constantly trying to drop over our eyes... they're just like us! They, too, have embarrassing high school yearbook photos and inexplicable former nicknames.

This 1980 photo was brought to our attention by Jessica K. Roy, who tweeted it Monday morning. Apparently, Jon Stewart, né Jonathan Leibowitz, attended high school with Roy's mother and was a year ahead of her. Roy found the pic via Lawrence High School's page.

We're, of course, endlessly curious about the nickname "Soupy," but one thing there's no confusion about: this cat's going to COLLEGE. Probably on the strength of that snappy feathered 'do alone. And the rest, to our great fortune, is history.

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