Jon Stewart's Salute To South Carolina: Bestiality, Adultery, Racism, And Lindsey Graham (VIDEO)

It's been a rough couple of years for South Carolinians: Their governor disappeared for a week then admitted to an affair that he wouldn't shut up about, one of their senators quoted Steve Urkel while trying to make a serious political point, their representative to the Miss Teen USA contest gave the dumbest answer in pageant history, one of their GOP activist compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla, and now they've become the poster children for sex with horses.

Fortunately, they have Jon Stewart to show them the bright side of all of this insanity: They're making his job really easy. In a segment saluting the Southern state, Stewart thanked South Carolina for all the fodder it's provided of late, giving its people their rightful place at the comedy table.


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Thank You, South Carolina!
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