Jon Voight Thinks Miley Cyrus And Shia LaBeouf Are ‘Teaching Treason’

"It’s a very sad thing for me to witness what they’re doing.”

Jon Voight, a vocal Donald Trump supporter, has a few things to say to the millions of people ― including Miley Cyrus and Shia LaBeouf ― who protested against the new president right after his inauguration.

On Tuesday, when TMZ asked Voight what he thought about the Women’s March, he responded, “It’s been very serious and very destructive, this marching against the government and against the president. Very, very serious.”

When one of the cameramen pointed out that the march falls in line with First Amendment rights, Voight agreed, but suggested the march was really about something else.

“The march was against the government and against this president, trying to denigrate his office and his presidency, and that’s no good,” said Angelina Jolie’s father before calling out the two former Disney stars. “And when you see the young people, like Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus, and they have a lot of followers. Young people are looking at them, and what are they teaching? They’re teaching treason.”

“They’re teaching going up against the government, not accepting the will of the people on this presidency. And it’s a very sad day, really, when I see this,” Voight continued. “This Hollywood group, I find it — it’s a very sad thing for me to witness what they’re doing.”

On the day of Trump’s inauguration, LaBeouf launched a livestream video project titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” located outside New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. Individuals can participate by saying the phrase “he will not divide us” into a wall-mounted camera as many times as they please, for as long as they wish. (Jaden Smith has already made an appearance.)

Cyrus participated in and spoke at the Women’s March in Los Angeles over the weekend, which was attended by roughly 750,000 people. The Happy Hippie Foundation founder shared plenty of videos and images from the massive event on social media, too.

Meanwhile, Voight was in attendance at Trump’s inauguration concert, where he gave the opening speech.

The two stars have yet to respond to Voight’s comments, but The Huffington Post has reached out to representatives for both and will update this post accordingly.

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