Jonah Hill Makes Prank Phone Calls As His Movie Characters

Every actor has their method. Some get deep into character and refuse to come out of it during filming. Others do months of intense preparation. And then, there's Jonah Hill. He makes prank phone calls. "The Wolf of Wall Street" actor explained during a stop by "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

He said the prank phone calls proved especially helpful for his "Wolf of Wall Street" character Donnie, because had to get used to talking with prosthetic teeth while doing a Long Island accent.

“I can’t go there and physically try it out on people, because some people will recognize me and I’ll look ridiculous," Hill said. "I would call like, Target and Best Buy as Donnie, and I would just start asking about all the different appliances and talk on the phone.”

Now that all that work has paid off with an Oscar nomination, Hill felt he should give a shout-out to his favorite store -- the Honolulu, Hawaii Best Buy. He said employees there would stay on the phone with him for three hours at a time.

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