Jonah Hill Vs. Kanye West In Connect Four Game (VIDEO)

Kanye West has done his share of calling out and has made more than a few enemies in his career, but there is one stand-off that stands out from the rest: an intense rivalry with comic actor Jonah Hill. Over Connect Four.

Hill tweeted a video of himself taking on West in a heated bout of the Milton Bradley Game, which took place backstage in 2008. "A video from two or three years ago of me VS @kanyewest at an uncomfortable match of Connect 4. I want a rematch," he wrote, and it's easy to see why.

It's Hill who starts off the game with intensity, bringing some smack talk to a giggly 'Ye as they drop their first checkers. But as things heat up, it's the hip hop icon who begins to bring the heat, making fun pronouncements -- and, as the match wore on, provided his own soundtrack. Literally.