Jonah Hill Talks About His Feud With 'Glee' Star Matthew Morrison: Calls Out Matthew Morrison On 'Late Night'

You better watch your back, Matthew Morrison, Jonah Hill is pissed.

The newly svelte celeb visited Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" to promote the upcoming film, "Moneyball" but ended up revealing his developing feud with the "Glee" star.

It started innocently enough: They were both attending a Fox function when Morrison made a joke at the funny guy's expense. Then, they ended up at the same "douchey Hollywood" party but Morrison was wrapped up in a conversation with "'Gossip Girl' guy" Chase Crawford, so Hill figured he would sneak up behind them and give Morrison a taste of his own medicine.

But before he could execute his plan, Morrison took another jab at the "Superbad" star, making him the punchline in his private joke with Crawford.

Hill ended his tale with WWE-style call-out. "Matthew Morrison, you better bring your sh-t next time I see you...I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one."