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Jonas Wood Invites You Into His Colorful, Warped Painted Interiors

When looking at Jonas Wood's newest series of topsy-turvy interiors, we can't help but think of Van Gogh's iconic "Bedroom in Arles," which warps logical space through a multitude of perspectives. Both artists transform the most familiar of domestic spaces into jagged and unpredictable flatlands.


Although Wood pays homage to Van Gogh along with other abstract colorists like Matisse, Picasso and Keith Haring, his works are decidedly modern. Painters like Mickalene Thomas and Erik Parker come to mind, as do David Hockney's iPad-created works. And despite all the references, Wood's dining-rooms-turned-tesselations are always distinctively Wood's. Both steeped in tradition yet completely fresh, Wood captures the impossible sharpness of modernity with the familiar feelings of home.

The Boston-born artist is back with another unorthodox open house, and we couldn't be happier. "Wood not only puts our visual world out of its order, he rearranges the temporal and psychological landscapes in such a way that the paintings themselves conjure a logic and spatial continuity of their own," Anton Kern Gallery explained. Wood's work will show at the New York Gallery until October 19, 2013.








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