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Jonathan Adler Loves Embracing The Ugliness Of The '70s And Brass, But Hates Laziness (VIDEO)

There's no denying that Jonathan Adler's designs are truly unique. And in the latest episode of the AOL original series "Inspiration Point with Jonathan Adler," we find out just how Adler is able to come up with these incredible pieces.

For Adler, it's all about "embracing the ugly." In fact, besides from his husband Simon Doonan, old flea markets and 1970s Americana are the places where this designer finds most of his inspiration. He's particularly fond of macrame and brass. "I see the beauty in the ugliness of the '70s, and I don't know if everybody sees that -- I think they should," he said.

Regardless of your style though, Adler doesn't care, as long as you're not lazy about it. "I'm not a snob in any way, shape or form stylistically. I am a snob about laziness."

In the video above, we get a hilarious and insightful look into Adler's life. Be sure to scroll through our slideshow to see more of his fabulousness.

Jonathan Adler's Inspiration

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