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How Twerking Helps Jonathan Adler And His 'Elves' Stay Out Of Work Ruts (VIDEO)

Silliness is the spice of life, according to Jonathan Adler. And when you're trying to create a world filled with style, craft and joy, like his "elves" at the Fantasy Factory are, you're going to need lots of it. That is, after all, a serious pursuit.

Adler's favorite (albeit totally new) way of channeling it? By taking a hip-hop dance class with his crew. And while the dance part may be uncharted territory, Adler says he's actually been into the music for quite some time.

"When I was just finishing up college and I was in the studio all the time, all I listened to was Public Enemy," he says in the latest episode of the AOL original series "Inspiration Point with Jonathan Adler." "I'm a white Jewish boy from a farm town, but hip-hop culture has always inspired me."

Watch how the designer takes his love for the genre to the next level and gets his team inspired in the process.

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