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Jonathan Adler's Latest Project Is 'Eye-Opening, Delicious & Fattening' (VIDEO)

Cooking up vintage-inspired home goods calls for an artistic eye and, in some cases, many hours around a potter's wheel. But designer-author-potter extraordinaire, Jonathan Adler, says there's a third ingredient that's critical to his signature happy-chic mix: reinvention.

"Reinvention is everything. So many potters are trapped in their garrets in Vermont making the same mug over and over and over again, never shaving or trimming a hair on their body, anywhere. So as a potter I've learned early on that you have to reinvent all the time," he says.

And while putting a spin on classics is something we've come to expect with Adler's work (just take a look at this office, if you need proof) where he finds the inspiration to do it may surprise you.

Take a look at the latest episode of the AOL original series "Inspiration Point with Jonathan Adler," for one of his favorite examples of reinvention via a visit to Chef Gavin Kaysen's "workshop" at New York's Café Boulud.

'Inspiration Point With Jonathan Adler,' Episode 6e

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