Was Jonathan Banks Even Scarier On 'Parks & Recreation' Than He Was On 'Breaking Bad'? (VIDEO)

Jonathan Banks exuded a sinister calm throughout his run on "Breaking Bad" as Mike. He brought a lot of similar qualities to his latest guest spot as Ben's dad on "Parks & Recreation." After their engagement, Leslie and Ben threw a party to bring their friends and family together, only Leslie didn't believe that Ben's family could possibly be as bad as he said they were.

They were.

His mother and father were constantly bickering and jabbing at one another, mostly over Ben's father's much-younger girlfriend. Things escalated even further when she revealed that she was pregnant. Fans can only hope that nugget was dropped in so there was a reason to bring Jonathan Banks back as the due date for Ben's baby sister comes closer.

In the end, Ben laid down the law with his parents that they would both be attending the wedding and that they would furthermore be civil. Surprisingly -- probably to him more than anyone else -- the talk worked.

The wedding preparations are under way on "Parks & Recreation," Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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