Jonathan Fleming, Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder, Wants An Apology After 24 Years In Prison

WATCH: Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder Wants Apology After 24 Years Behind Bars

In 1989, Jonathan Fleming was convicted of a Brooklyn murder that from day one he insisted he did not commit. After nearly 25 years behind bars, Fleming is now a free man.

Fleming explained to HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski that a recent reexamination of the case revealed two key pieces of evidence that led to his exoneration: one being a receipt and another being eyewitness testimony -- both of which confirmed his alibi that he was in Florida, not Brooklyn, at the time of the murder.

While Fleming says that he isn't bitter about his wrongful conviction, and is only focused on moving forward with his life, he still wants an apology.

"Yes, I would like an apology, because all along they knew I didn't do it," Fleming said. "All I know is the judge exonerated me, and I haven’t heard from no one since. I’m hoping to hear from someone."

Since his exoneration, Fleming says he has been faced with many challenges, including a lack of housing, employment, and resources to feed his family. His attorney Taylor Koss pointed out that the city and state "have programs in place for felons who are put on parole, prisoner re-entry programs, but what about the guy who just rotted in a cell for 24 and a half years for something that he didn't do. Where's the help?"

When Minkovski asked Fleming about what he'd tell prospective employers, Fleming responded, "I just need a chance."

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Jonathan Fleming below.

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