The Most Bizarre Representation Of National Pride We've Ever Seen (NSFW)

Well, this is a strange one.


Photographer Jonathan Icher has developed a very literal and very bizarre expression of national pride, one that involves body paint, fine cuisine and modelesque facial expressions. May we present "Fat Flag," an inexplicable series that pairs a photographic subject with his/her respective painted flag and national fare.

Paris-based artist Icher teamed up with makeup artist Anastasia Parquet for the works, which teeter between satirical and straight-up strange. Whether this is a commentary on tourism or a celebration of naked people eatings things while covered in paint, we can't quite decipher it. We reached out to the artist to comment on his artistic endeavor, who responded "I wanted to make a fashion shoot using patriotic symbols on the models. I love to use stereotypes and universal symbols on my work."

Whatever is going on in the photos below, we've developed a soft spot for the odd ode to patriotism. Peruse the art world version of "The Hunger Games" below and let us know your best guess in the comments.