ABC Reporter Calls Out Tucker Carlson Over ‘Word For Word’ Russian Propaganda

Jonathan Karl said the Fox News host's comments are "almost a plagiarism of Vladimir Putin."

Jonathan Karl, ABC’s chief Washington correspondent, blasted Fox News host Tucker Carlson for consistently repeating Russian propaganda on his show.

“What is sort of inexplicable here is that what is being said is almost a plagiarism of Vladimir Putin,” Karl told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Thursday:

Karl also debunked some of Carlson’s latest conspiracy theories.

“These are statements that are not only not true, but are precisely what is being said in Moscow by Vladimir Putin,” Karl said.

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Carlson repeatedly defended Putin, noting that the Russian leader had never called him a racist. He’s also admitted to “rooting” for Russia and said the U.S. should butt out, and claimed Putin “just wants to keep his western borders secure.”

This week, Carlson, who has openly admitted to lying, blamed the United States for Russia’s attack on Ukraine. And on Thursday night, Carlson appeared to attack one of his own network’s reporters for debunking some of the conspiracy theories he’s spread on his show.

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