Jonathan Papelbon Flips Out After Getting Ejected Over 'Crotch Grab'

Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon figured out a new way to get himself ejected. After blowing a three-run lead in the ninth inning against the Miami Marlins, disenchanted Phillies fans showered Papelbon with a chorus of boos as he exited the field. In what appeared to be a response to the fans, Papelbon grabbed his crotch just before walking into the dugout.

(GIF via @CorkGaines)

Umpire Joe West saw the gesture and decided to eject him. Papelbon went back onto the field to irately protest, to the point where West actually pulled his jersey to get away from the pitcher.

(GIF via @CorkGaines)

"The whole thing started because the fans booed him and he made an obscene gesture," West said after the game, via The Boston Globe. "He had no business doing that. He’s got to be more professional than that. And that’s why he was ejected."

Papelbon later denied intentionally making the off-color gesture. The Phillies went on to lose the game, 5-4.