Jonathan Zittrain Introduces The 'Procrastination Principle'

Jonathan Zittrain of Harvard Law School joined HuffPost Live at Davos on Thursday to talk about regulations that affect rapidly changing technology.

Zittrain said everyone's familiar with two types of technology, represented by a refrigerator -- an older, familiar, more reliable type of technology -- and a computer, which we expect to be constantly developing and have some problems.

"How do we fix [these problems] without turning your computer into a refrigerator?" Zittrain said.

Jason Abbruzzese of Mashable joined the HuffPost Live interview to ask Zittrain about laws that were made before the age of the Internet: are we going to have to rewrite the legal code to adapt to new technology?

'To be able to deal with problems as they come up, I call this the 'procrastination principle'... we just need to be able to act quickly," Zittrain said.

See Zittrain and Abbruzzese in the video above, and read more about Davos below: