Jonny McGovern Wants Answers To These Puzzling Gay Questions

If you figure them out, let us know.

Jonny McGovern just dropped his first music video in in three years ― and it’s chock-full of queer queries that might have stumped you at one time or another.

“Gay Questions” pokes fun at a number of gay stereotypes ― from circuit queens to crystal queens to bottoms and non-monogamous gay couples ― by way of a ballad that’s anything but typical for the gay comedian.

“It’s not a song I’d typically thought I’d make a video for, it’s a ballad with super snarky, super dark lyrics, but the over the top positive response I got from people when I perform it live made me change my mind,” McGovern said in a press release.

Check out the video for yourself above and then take a minute to ask yourself what questions about the queer community are nagging at you.



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