Joran Van Der Sloot's Letters Ask For Forgiveness For Murdering Stephany Flores

Joran van der Sloot wants forgiveness for the murder of Stephany Flores and wants people to believe he had nothing to do with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, according to two lengthy letters released by his attorney.

"I ask God every day that Stephany's parents can find it in their heart to forgive me," van der Sloot wrote.

Van der Sloot, 24, is serving a 28-year prison sentence in Peru's Piedras Gordas prison for the murder of Flores. The business student was found stabbed to death in van der Sloot's Lima hotel room on June 2, 2010.

The Dutchman is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The 18-year-old from Mountain Brook, Ala., vanished while on a class trip to Aruba in 2005. She was last seen leaving an Oranjestad nightclub with van der Sloot, then a 17-year-old Dutch honors student living in Aruba. Holloway's body has never been found, and van der Sloot has not been charged in her disappearance.

In the letters, which were written in June and released this week by his lawyer Max Altez, van der Sloot said he had "nothing to do with" Holloway's disappearance -- something which could weigh heavily on him once he is released from prison.

Last month, the Peruvian Supreme Court approved the extradition of van der Sloot to the U.S. on charges that he extorted $25,000 from Holloway's mother. Prosecutors said that in exchange for the money he received in 2010, van der Sloot promised to reveal how Holloway died and the location of her body.

Van der Sloot will be eligible for parole after serving one-third of his murder sentence. He could be extradited in as few as seven years.

Van der Sloot also points the finger at his previous attorney, saying it was "bad legal advice" that resulted in his 28-year prison sentence, which is currently under appeal.

"My rights have been constantly abused," van der Sloot said. The Dutchman added, "My lawyer promised me I would receive 15 years if I plead guilty, I did."

Van der Sloot said he has a history of psychological problems, "which were never taken into consideration," by his previous defense team

Altez said van der Sloot wanted the letters released so the public would know he had been misled.

According to The Associated Press, the man who previously represented van der Sloot has denied that he lied to him.



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