What Did Stepmom Know About 5-Year-Old Who Was Allegedly Beaten, Starved And Locked In Closet? (VIDEO)

Authorities claim 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer weighed just 29 pounds when he was removed from his father and stepmother’s home, where he was allegedly starved, tortured, and locked in a closet under the stairs. Now, eight months after Jordan was found and his father and stepmother were charged with felony child endangerment, his stepmom, Tammi Bleimeyer, speaks out about what she says was going on inside their Spring, TX home.

“How do you have a child in that condition in your home and not notice it?” Dr. Phil asks Tammi, who has seven other children.

"My life was just so busy with the other kids,” she responds, explaining that her husband, Jordan’s father, was specifically responsible for taking care of his son.

Dr. Phil pushes: “Do you not look back and say, ‘How did I miss this?’”

“I do all the time,” responds Tammi. “You can’t go back, you can’t change it …”

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil confronts Tammi about how she could not know about her stepson’s reported conditions, and tune in to Dr. Phil on Tuesday for the complete interview, including an update on Jordan’s health. Check her for local listings.