Kobe Bryant Told Jordan Clarkson To Stop Playing 'Like A Light-Skinned Dude'

So he rose up for the greatest dunk of the Lakers' season.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson had an emphatic, demoralizing slam dunk on the way to his team’s unexpected 20-point victory over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night. You read that right. 

The dunk was nasty, and the Lakers, winners of three straight, are suddenly starting to look like something of a legitimate NBA team, at least for now.

But more eyebrow-raising than the actual dunk was Clarkson's quote about it after the game, in which he credited The Human Farewell Tour formerly known as Kobe Bryant with the, uh, inspiration behind the dunk.

Something tells us Kobe will be having a quick talk with Clarkson sometime soon about what stays between players and what gets to the media. But while you ponder all this, here are three Blake Griffin dunks in a single GIF.



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