Jordan Davis' Parents Speak Out On Good Morning America

Jordan Davis' Parents Speak Out

The parents of Jordan Davis, a black Florida teen who was shot in an altercation over loud music, spoke to Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Wednesday morning about the controversial verdict in their son's death.

A jury found Michael Dunn, the 47-year-old white software engineer who shot Davis, guilty on three counts of second-degree attempted murder. The jury could not come to a decision on the charge of first-degree murder.

Dunn got into an argument with four young men in a Jacksonville parking lot on Nov. 23, 2012 over the volume of the music playing in an SUV next to his car. Davis was one of the passengers in the SUV. The argument culminated in Dunn firing several shots at the vehicle, killing Davis.

Dunn argued that he fired in self-defense, claiming that he feared for his life during the argument and that he saw Davis brandish a gun. No weapon was ever found.

Davis' parents said on Good Morning America that they don't personally blame the jurors, but that they believe that the laws that allowed Dunn to plead self-defense in the case must be rewritten.

"We know that the jurors were posed with a very delicate and a very profound decision that they had to make, and we believe absolutely with all of our hearts that they did everything they could to come to what they believe was the most just decision," Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, told Roberts. "We do now know that they were torn. But they've done the best that they can with the tools that they had at that time, and of course each one of them believes what they believe and so that's what we have to stand on."

Davis' parents appeared on the show right after an interview with one of the jurors, who said that she felt conflicted about the verdict.

"The jury instruction on the Stand Your Ground [law] is very confusing, and I do think she did the best she could as a juror," Davis' father, Ron Davis, said. "But I do think those laws have to be rewritten, and I'm going to be one who continues to fight to have Stand Your Ground laws rewritten."

Davis related the loss of his son's life to Roberts' own fight with cancer. "We know how people fight so hard to live -- I know your story, that you fought very hard to live -- just think about how a person like Michael Dunn could be so callous as to just disregard the life of Jordan Davis, just throw it away like it was nothing."

"Justice for Jordan will be ultimately when we change the laws," McBath said.

Watch a clip of the interview above.

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