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Jordan Davis' Parents Respond To Michael Dunn's Feelings Of Being The 'Victim'

Earlier this week, prosecutors released audio of jailhouse phone calls placed by Michael Dunn, the man who fatally shot Jordan Davis after a confrontation that began over loud music.

On the tapes, which were recorded before trial, Dunn expressed that he felt like the victim in the altercation.

"I'm the [expletive] victim. I was the one who was victimized," Dunn said. "I'm the victor but I was the victim too."

During an interview on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell, Jordan Davis' parents responded to Dunn saying his perception of what took place that night is misconstrued.

“Michael Dunn should understand that the victim was the one that had a bullet go through his lungs, a bullet tear his aorta,” Ron Davis said. “The victim was the one that was choking on his own blood and was gasping for air. The victim was a 17-year-old teenager that should have had his whole life in front of him that was seeing his life go away in seconds, and he probably was so fearful, and his friends were looking on watching their best friend die in a moment of seconds. That’s the victim.”

Dunn was found guilty of attempted murder for shooting into a carful of teenagers, however, the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the charge for murder and a mistrial was declared. Each charge carried a sentence of 20 years, adding to 60 years total. Prosecutors have indicated that they plan to retry Dunn for the first-degree murder charge.

Davis' mother, Lucia McBath, also had strong words for the man who killed her son.

“Not only did you take Jordan’s life, but you took my future," McBath said. "I won’t have grandchildren. I will never have a daughter-in-law. I will never have all of those things that you see in your children as your legacy. I don’t have those things anymore. But what he’ll need to understand is that in some way, shape or form, he will pay. He will pay. Even if we don’t ever receive the verdict for Jordan, he will pay because he’s going to spend the rest of his life in jail. And I feel sorry for him for that.”

Watch a clip of Ron Davis' comments above and see the full interview below.

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