Jordan Klepper Shades Anti-Vaxxers In Sunny Southern California For 'The Daily Show'

When it comes to anti-vaccine misinformation, some people in the Los Angeles area are no angels.

Jordan Klepper explored a wave of anti-vaccine sentiment at Southern California beach towns for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

The people Klepper interviewed in the segment, which aired Wednesday and can be seen below, might wear sunscreen to protect against UV rays, but they’ve been overexposed to coronavirus conspiracy theories and quack cures.

One guy seemed convinced that the COVID-19 vaccine is Bill Gates’ scheme to depopulate the globe.

So-called wellness gurus are offering meditations to ward off COVID and teaching how to breathe your way out of the illness in the Los Angeles area, one journalist told Klepper.

A woman who’s been basing her fish-eating choices on her cat’s preference claimed the vaccine would snap her DNA in half.

And it didn’t take a Republican extremist or a Fox News personality to bring up the tiresome comparison of vaccine mandates and Nazi Germany.

Some of the segment was shot in the Santa Monica-Venice Beach area and in more conservative Huntington Beach in Orange County. Too bad the salt air and sunshine weren’t making the subjects more aware.

One guy told Klepper he wouldn’t dare get the vaccine, which has been shown in millions of people worldwide to be safe and effective in preventing severe illness. But a coffee enema? “Possibly,” he said.

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