Jordan Klepper Brutally Shades Clarence Thomas Without Even Using His Name

"The Daily Show" correspondent has some blunt advice for anyone trying to buy access to power.

Democratic supporters on Thursday forked out up to half a million each to attend a fundraiser with President Joe Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in New York ― but Jordan Klepper said that’s a waste of good money.

“Guys, I’m sorry. This just feels gross. $500,000 for access to a president? That’s not how democracy should work,” the “Daily Show” correspondent said. “Save that money for a Supreme Court justice.”

Klepper didn’t mention Clarence Thomas by name, but a pic of the associate justice appeared on the screen as he spoke.

“Much better bang for your buck,” Klepper said. “Be smart. Shell out for an RV and a jet ski and you’re there.”

Thomas has a long history of accepting lavish gifts from wealthy benefactors who push conservative causes and, in many cases, failing to report those gifts.

Thomas, as Klepper alluded, owns a $267,230 luxury RV financed by a wealthy friend in a deal he also failed to disclose.

Thomas’ behavior has led to accusations of corruption and calls for him to resign. Last month, “Daily Show” alum John Oliver even offered Thomas $1 million a year for life and a new luxury motor coach in exchange for stepping down.

See Klepper’s full segment from Thursday night’s “Daily Show” below:

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