Jordan Klepper, Desi Lydic Put Fox's 'War On Christmas' Straight On The Naughty List

The "Daily Show" guest hosts questioned New Yorkers over the conservative network's festive fixation just in time for the holidays.

Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic delivered a lump of coal to Fox News over its “war on Christmas” coverage this week.

The Daily Show” correspondents, who were the program’s guest hosts on Wednesday, roamed around Fox News’ “All-American Christmas Tree” outside its New York headquarters to question people on the street about the conservative network’s annual holiday obsession.

“Some people talk about saying ‘happy holidays.’ Fox is really proud about saying ‘Merry Christmas.’ They say there’s a war on Christmas,” Klepper said.

“There is,” one man replied.

“There’s a war on Christmas?” Klepper asked.

“I believe it,” said the man before asking Klepper and Lydic to “look around” them, adding that businesses and corporations are not allowed to “say that.”

Klepper and Lydic proceeded to look around at several outdoor Christmas decorations surrounding them near Fox News’ headquarters.

Lydic, later in the segment, asked another man whether Jesse Watters’ recent bigoted rant about Arab Americans and Muslims was “naughty or nice.”

“No, he’s nice,” the man replied.

“Maybe because I’m a New Yorker and I’m pretty used to stuff. ... You know, I’ve been mugged.”

“You’ve been mugged?” Klepper asked, “And so that’s led to an irrational fear that you basically project onto an entire group of people?”

“Yeah, so,” the man added.

You can check out the segment, as well as other clips from “The Daily Show,” below.

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