Jordan Klepper Reveals The Baffling Request He Gets From Trump Fans

"The Daily Show" correspondent realized one thing from the ask.

“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper on Monday shared a puzzling response he’s been getting when meeting some supporters of Donald Trump.

Instead of wanting to chase him down or scream at him for his videos that expose the hypocrisy of the former president and his devotees, Klepper said right-wingers now often ask him for a selfie.

Klepper was “shocked” by how many selfie requests he received at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, he said on Monday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

“What I quickly realized is, I’m part of the narrative there,” he explained.

Klepper recalled one teenager who claimed to be Trump’s biggest fan saying he’d seen all of his videos for Trevor Noah’s Comedy Central program.

The teen told Klepper he watched “all Trump stuff; good, bad” because “it’s all part of this world.”

“Even though I might be espousing some points of view that he doesn’t agree with, I’m the heel in this WWE world,” Klepper suggested. “He needs me. And so he might be mildly aggressive towards me, but beyond that he’s more excited to get this close to the world.”

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