Jordan Klepper Recalls The Trump Fan He Interviewed Who Changed Her Mind

"The Daily Show" personality has chatted with colorful MAGA disciples to comic effect, but he recalled one surprising conversation.

“The Daily Show” co-host Jordan Klepper praised a MAGA rallygoer he interviewed who turned on Donald Trump. (Watch the video below.)

Klepper has become known for chatting up Trump’s base to elicit extreme responses for the sake of comedy. At a recent rally in South Carolina, he recalled in an audience Q&A posted Wednesday, he got a surprise: a woman who got arrested for being inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and spent 60 days in jail.

“She came out and she changed her opinion,” Klapper told the audience. “Give her a round of applause!”

The audience obeyed, prompting Klepper to crack: “Great. And now you guys just clapped for an insurrectionist. See how easy it is?”

Klepper was asked earlier if he had ever persuaded one of his interview subjects to denounce Trump. He gave a resounding no while pivoting to the ex-Trumper he happened upon.

“I think jail shook her,” he said. “And I think she started doing her own research. ... And she felt like she was taken in. She felt it was her duty to come out to this Trump rally and talk to people about what she’d been through.”

However, Klepper added ruefully: “They weren’t necessarily great at listening to her.”

Klepper’s exchange with the woman was short, but her confession was startling: “I was a Republican,” she told him in the clip posted last month. “I was wrong that day for even being there. Jan. 6 was an insurrection.”

Fast forward to 5:16 for the brief interview:

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